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Plant Grow System - 4 Steps to Healthier Plants
organic fertilizers,  A Revolutionary Evolution in the Agricultural Industry
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The Plant Grow System

4 Steps to Healthier Plants

  1. Treat Your Soil
  2. Stress Defence
  3. Specialty Fertilizers
  4. Pest Management

Soil biology is a new concept in agricultural management. Scientists have discovered that many problems that growers face today can be remedied by these new advances in soil management. The results of this new wave in horticulture are directly beneficial not only to the plants and soil, but works directly to reduce the cost of growing.

Al Will, a University Professor and President of Arbor Grow, uses the latest scientific advances in designing The Arbor Grow Plant Grow System. The Plant Grow System is a 4-step process using products developed by leading edge companies, in combination, to maximize the benefits for you and your business.

Arbor Grow, a major distributor of agricultural products such as microbial fertilizers, kelp based biostimulants, specialty phosphorous and nitrogen fertilizers, non-toxic pesticides, pond clarifiers and fish immune booster. Arbor Grow products can be used successfully in the bioremediation of various ecosystems. Arbor Grow makes all of these biologically advanced and scientifically proven products available to you.

The Plant Grow System
Reduce your costs
Applying the concepts of soil management, by improving the biological activity in the soil, The Plant Grow System was designed to reduce traditional fertilizer, fungicide, pesticide and chemigation applications and their associated costs.

Maximize Plant Potential
The specific combinations of soil conditioners, plant growth activators, organic microbial fertilizers, bio available nutrients and minors that act together to increase yields, minimizes crop losses and maximize the growth potential of any crop.

Simplified Soil Management
The Plant Grow System has simplified the science of soil management. Using a 4 Step Program that can be used either on its own or with your current program of chemical and fertilizer applications (though at a ¼ to ½ reduction in required quantities).

The benefits of The Plant Grow System include:
  • Initiates the natural cycle of the soil food web
  • Treatment benefits the germination process
  • Protects seedlings from harmful fungi
  • Speeds up the available nutrient absorption reducing plant stress
  • A significant reduction in fertilizer requirements and applications
  • Results in faster plant growth, higher yields
4 Steps to Healthier Plants

1.Treat Your Soil with microbial fertilizers
2. Stress Defence with kelp based biostimulants
3. Specialty Fertilizers - Advanced phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium
4. Pest Management - IPM - non-toxic pesticides

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