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a superior natural liquid biostimulant - made of 100% fresh sea kelp

agronomically superior due to the patented "cell burst" technology
contains -
plant growth hormones
amino acids
vitamins and
16 trace elements considered essential to plant life

why should i use agroroots?
research has shown that supplemental applications of products containing natural growth hormones produce the following benefits:
  • increased root mass and development.
  • this allows plants to establish quickly and accelerates nutrient and water absorption.
  • accelerates seed germination and increases percentage of seeds germinated
  • allows for efficient npk absorption
  • trace nutrients are readily available to plant and soil systems
  • contains a natural balance of nutrients making it an ideal choice for plant health and soil microbial life.
  • stimulates cell division
  • improves chlorophyll production: enhances and intensifies plant coloration
  • promotes lateral bud development: increased flowering and fruiting.
  • significantly increases shelf life of fruits and vegetables through the inhibition of senescence (rate at which plant ages)
  • increases sugar content of fruits and vegetables.
additional benefits derived from agroroots:
  • amino acids: facilitate nutrient absorption, allow for efficient nutrient translocation within plant tissue and enhance plant growth metabolism.
  • micronutrients: essential for healthy growth and development. necessary for the production of catalytic enzymes which control all metabolic functions. the micro-nutrients contained in agroroots are naturally chelated (bonded) within organic compounds for plant availability.
  • vitamins: essential for plant growth and metabolism. important catalysts for enzymes.
  • guaranteed analysis
  • total nitrogen 0.3 %
  • manganese 0.05 % 0.3 %
  • amrnoniacal nitrogen auxins 11 .0 mg.
  • available phosphate 1.5 %
  • cytokinins 0.031 rng
  • soluble potash 0.7 %
  • 17 essential amino acids
  • iron 0.1 %
  • vitamins bl, b2, c, e
  • *auxins and cytokinins is weight per liter

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