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Plant Grow System - 4 Steps to Healthier Plants
microbial fertilizers, organic iron chelate for use in drip irrigation
organic iron chelate for use in drip irrigation Fundamentally different from Synthetic Iron Chelates microbial fertilizers, organic iron chelate for use in drip irrigation
FerX ™- 5% Iron plus Fulvic Acid

Derived from natural materials, FERX™ is an organic iron chelate for use in drip irrigation, foliar sprays or as an addition to liquid fertilizers.

  • A liquid fertilizer, its outstanding characteristic is the iron's rapid uptake by foliage or root is enhanced by fulvic acid.
  • FerX has the ablilty to stay in a plant available form in calcareous or high pH soils.
  • For soil applications, fulvic acid maintains the iron in a plant available form.
  • The fulvic acids that keep iron stable in the soil may also "free up" other soil micronutrients for plant uptake by roots.
  • When used in foliar sprays it is less phytotoxic than synthetic iron chelate.
  • Iron (Fe) 5.00%
  • Sulfur 4.00%
  • Fulvic Acid 25.00%
  • Metabolites of beneficial Bacteria, Yeast & Fungi 2.00%
Application Per Acre Rates, Frequency & Timing
  • Greens & Tees Apply - 1 gallon per month or 1 quart weekly
  • Fairways - Apply 1 gallon every 30 days
  • Overseeding - Apply 1 gallon prior to seeding and thereafter 1 gallon every 30 days
  • Sprigging- Apply 1 gallon just before or right after sprigging. Thereafter, apply 1 quart per week.
  • Ornamentals - Apply 2 quarts per 100 gallons of water and apply weekly as a foliar spray

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