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Plant Grow System - 4 Steps to Healthier Plants
phytofos A New Source of Phosphorous phytofos
The Answer for Turning Average Crops into Great Ones

Phyto-Fos 0-22-18 The Energy Element
What is Phyto-Fos ?

Phyto-Fos 0-22-18, is a new source of phosphorous that can make a significant yield and quality difference in turf, citrus, ornamentals and row crops. Effective at much lower rates than traditional phosphate sources, Phyto-Fos plays a critical role in plant growth and metabolism.
Stress resistance, vigor, yields and quality are all affected by phosphorous availability. Phyto-Fos moves quickly and systematically throughout the plant, getting phosphorous into areas where it's needed the most during critical stress periods that occur in a plant's natural life cycle, such as:

  • Root formation,
  • Seedling growth
  • Tillering
  • Bud formation
  • Blossoming
  • Fruit set and development

What are the Benefits of Phyto-Fos?

  • Highly systemic- A foliar application of Phyto-Fos™ moves quickly throughout the plant
  • Phosphorous on demand.- A foliar application gives an immediate surge of phosphorous to areas in the plant that need it the most.
  • Reduces impact of phosphorous on the environment - Rates are substantially less than traditional phosphates.
  • Develops aggressive root systems - A foliar application has a pronounced effect on building strong, aggressive root systems.
  • Improves plant vigor - Better root systems produce greater growth throughout the year.
  • Increase number of blooms, fruit set and yields- Phyto-Fos™ can increase yields up to 25% or more on many crops.
  • Fights environmental stress such as cold and wet weather- Also combats internal stress due to blossoming, pollination, fruit set and development.
  • Reduces transplant shock - Phyto-Fos™ at transplant helps the root system to re-establish.

How does Phyto-Fos work?

Phosphorous is known as the "energy element". It plays a critical role in many important functions in plant growth, reproduction and metabolism.

Phyto-Fos is based upon phosphorous acid, unlike the phosphoric acid of the traditional fertilizers.

The phosphorous in Phyto-Fos is in the form of "PO3" rather than "PO4", which is found in traditional fertilizers. It is theorized it takes less energy by the plant to utilize PO3 than PO4. Therefore, Phyto-Fos phosphorous is considered to be much more active, efficient and effective.

Provides Phosphorous During Critical Periods

At critical times during a plant's life cycle, phosphorous demand by the plant may exceed the amount the root can supply. That's why it's so important your crop, whether turf, citrus or ornamentals, gets plenty of phosphorous during critical bud and root initiation, growth and reproduction stages.

Because Phyto-Fos™ is highly systemic and mobile within the plant, it gives an immediate surge of phosphorous to areas that need it the most. Phyto-Fos


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