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Professor Albert A. Will Jr.

President Arbor Grow, Landscape Architect - Registered

Undergraduate: State University of New York- Nursery Management, Landscape Design, Arboriculture; University of Florida - Landscape Architecture, Ornamental Horticulture;

Graduate: University of Florida - Ecology, Ornamental Horticulture, Tropical Fruitculture

Adjunct Professor: Florida Atlantic University in Taxonomy

Co-founder/Instructor: Arboriculture Program for Professional Aborists

Adjunct Professor:Nova Southeastern University Coastal Zone Management Program

Professor (Retired): Broward Community College, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Botany/Landscape Sciences Founder: Landscape Sciences (two-year program)

Landscape Architectural Arboricultural Consultant: Ecological, Horticultural, Landscape, Tropical Fruit Landscape Inspector

Wrote landscape code for City of Coconut Creek, Florida


  • Awarded Silver Medal for Best Paper in Garden and Landscape Section of Florida State Horticultural Society for 1982.
  • Designated Professor of the Year of Broward Community College for 1984-1985


  • American Society of Landscape Architects
  • Florida Nursery and Growers Association
  • American Society for Horticultural Science
  • American Horticultural Society
  • International Society of Plant Propagators
  • Heliconia Society
  • International International Palm Society
  • Society for Economic Botany


  • Plant Flip File of North Florida, 1961 - Author and Publisher
  • Plant Flip File of South Florida, 1963 - Author and Publisher
  • Florida Fruit, 1967 - co-author
  • Florida Trees and Palms, 1983 - co-author
  • "A New Pittosporum Species for Florida Landscapes," 1975 co-author
  • "Pittosporum ferrugineum 'F.L. Wray' A New Ornamental Shrub: 1975 co-author
  • "Landscape Plants for the High pH Soils of South Florida," 1982 Sr. Author
  • "Andromeda, A Red and Orange Heliconia for Cut-Flower Use" 1984 co-author
  • "Balcony Plants," 1984 Sr. Author "Subtropical Fruits in the Landscape," 1984 co-author
  • "Foliage for Flower Arrangements from Your Florida Garden," 1985 co-author
  • "Designing Flowering Trees into the Landscape," 1986 Author
  • "Purslane, a Ubiquitous Garden Weed with Nutrient Potential," 1987 co-author
  • "Planting Depth and Tree Survival," 1988 Sr. Author
  • Vines for South Florida Gardens," 1989 co-author
  • "Trees that Know Their Place," 1990 co-author
  • Author of numerous articles in Newspapers, magazines and scientific journals
  • Cross Florida Barge Canal - Aquatic plant ecological survey
  • Florida Power and Light Ecological Survey - existing nuclear power plant cooling canal site and proposed new site.
  • Central and Southern Florida Flood Control District- Ecological Survey for three years on approximately 33 square miles of land in Everglades National Park concerning the effects of salt intrusion due to the construction of the C-111 canal.
  • Island of Martinique- Consult with the government relative to improving the tropical flower, fruit and vegetable crops, as well as developing new export crops.
  • Landscape Consultant- Arvida in Weston, Florida Edward D. Stone and Associates, Fort Lauderdale,Florida Rhett Roy and Associates, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Krent Wieland Design, Inc., West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Expert Witness Retained as an expert witness for the Broward and Dade County judicial systems relative to financial evaluations for cold damage and crop production, as well as standard of care for landscape installation and maintenance.
  • Known throughout South Florida as an expert in Tropical Plants, the landscape expert's expert.
  • Each year from 1966 through 1992, Professor Will has traveled through out the tropical and subtropical world as a collaborator and plant hunter for the University of Florida, locating and transporting new species and cultivars of plants, suitable for ornamental use in South Florida.
  • During the 1970 to 1971 period he traveled on sabbatical leave, collecting in the South Pacific and Southeastern Asia.
  • Arboriculture Short Courses for South Florida, Co-Founder 1988 - Present
  • Plantation Rotary Club: President, 1975-1976
  • Bromeliad Society of Broward County: President 1968-1969
  • Heliconia Society International: President 1985-1987 - Director, 1987-1992
  • Broward County Rare Fruit and President 1975-1976
  • Vegetable Council: and 1987-1988
  • Florida State Horticultural Society: Sectional vice-president, 1987
  • Florida State Horticultural Society: Trade Committee Chairman, 1988-1992
  • Broward County Urban Wilderness Committee 1985-Present
  • Broward County Tree Preservation Committee 1985- 1992
  • Helped write the Broward County Tree Ordinance
  • Floyd L. Wray Memorial Foundation: Director, 1969 to Present vice-president, 1986 - 1998
  • Liaison to Flamingo Gardens President. 1998 - Present
  • Fort Lauderdale Museum Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Of Science and Discovery Science Consultant 1997 to Present

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