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treat your soil
  pga treat your soil with beneficial microbial inoculants pga
4 steps to

1.treat your soil

2.stress defence

3.specialty fertilizers



the focal point of this program is to inoculate the soil with specific beneficial microbial populations, which serves to promote the establishment and enhance the viability of all plantings and transplants. there are several scientifically advanced products that have developed distinct microbial systems to provide specific plants with the ideal soil environment they require to grow and develop to their full genetic potential.

pga - a plant growth activator , biological soil conditioner and myco-stim

  • the cost effective way to properly balance soil biology
  • promotes a natural resistance to disease
  • enhance the viability of seed germination and transplants
  • stimulates root formation and root growth
  • improves nutrient absorption
  • reduces the amount of required irrigation
  • reduces plant stress especially in drought, cold and heat
  • naturally accelerates cell division increasing plant growth
  • resulting in improved overall crop performance
  • allows plants to reach their full genetic potential

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agricultural consultants

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the financial benefits for switching to one or more of the soil treatment products include:
  • helps reduce fertilizer requirements and applications by ¼ to ½
  • reduces dependance on chemical applications
  • virtually eliminates the need for fungicidal products
  • no additional equipment required - can be applied through most injection systems and by conventional spray applications
  • results in faster plant growth, higher yields resulting in increased profits
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product list
arbor grow markets four highly effective soil conditioners - plant growth activators- trich m , biological soil conditioner and myco-stim. for more information about the ingredients, applications and scientific documents:
pga - a plant growth activator , biological soil conditioner and myco-stim

for more information on the fundamental difference between npk and organic programs: switching to organic

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