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Plant Grow System - 4 Steps to Healthier Plants
microbial fertilizers, organic fertilizers, organic pesticides, fertilizers, bioremediation
microbial fertilizers, organic fertilizers, organic pesticides, fertilizers, bioremediation  Specialty elements as you need them microbial fertilizers, organic fertilizers, organic pesticides, fertilizers, bioremediation
Your choices in fertilizers are essential to your success in agriculture. Other fertilizers are marketed in standard formulations, which do not address specific needs of a plant during the various cycles of its life.

With the Arbor Grow recommendation of these unique speciality liquid fertilizers, you boost only the elements that the plant requires, and only when the plant requires it. By addressing the plants specific needs, at specific stages, you maximize the potential for growth and optimize the quality and yield of the crop.

Each of these unique formulations are designed to tackle specific areas for maximum plant health.

Phyto-Fos- Phosphorous is known as the "energy element", playing a crucial role during critical bud and root initiation, growth and reproduction stages. Phyto-Fos is a new source of phosphorous which is effective at much lower rates than traditional phosphate sources. See how this form of "PO3" rather than "PO4", which is found in traditional fertilizers can make the difference in your plants.

Nutra-Sorb - High Potassium - with compost extracts. Essential for low fertility soils. This 0-4-22 liquid fertilizer was developed to maximize the bloom potential in plants.

Nutra-Sorb - Slow Release Nitrogen - with compost extracts. A 25-0-0 liquid formulation, this fertilizer will noticeably improve root growth and chlorophyll production.

FerX - Organic Chelated Iron - is a natural source Chelated iron complex that provides rapid iron uptake by foliage or roots. Improves nutrient absorption.
For more information about the ingredients, applications and scientific documents:
Phyto-Fos, Nutra-Sorb Nitrogen, Nutra-Sorb Potassium

and FerX

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